Chalkboard Drawings

The Foundation is an organization comprised of a cross-section of community members established in 1994 to provide support and enriching programs to Essex Fells’ public-school education. 


Following cuts to state aid and state-imposed limits on the annual school budget, the Essex Fells community rallied to continue the legacy of educational excellence at the Essex Fells School, by fundraising for essential programs and resources that fell beyond state mandates. The founding members consisted not only of parents of school-age children, but also of town leaders, Essex Fells School alumni, senior citizens and many other residents who wished to preserve the excellence of our school.


Since its inception, the Foundation has made grants in excess of $1,000,000 to the Essex Fells School. From technology to cultural arts to teacher development, the Foundation has played an integral role in preserving the quality of an Essex Fells School education.

We thank you for taking the time to learn more about the Foundation.  We hope that by understanding the Foundation's mission, you will join us in our efforts to ensure elevated standards for the Essex Fells School.  The continued success of our town's most valuable asset depends on you and our private commitment to public education.


2020-21 Officers & Trustees


Gemma Diaco               President

Annemarie Hochkeppel   Vice President, Finance

Barbara Luca                 Vice President, Grants

Ashley Moran                Secretary

Kelly Zarah                    Treasurer


Carrie Bobroff

Paige Daniels

Erik Dykema

Robert Fink

Christine Lembo

Eliza Sine

Melissa Slomienski

Lauri Wactlar

Catherine Walsh

Stefanie Wozniak

Ex Officio:

Michelle Gadaleta   Superintendent, Principal

Kris Huegel   Board of Education


Past Presidents: 

Laura Z. D’Avella

George Stanton

Stephen Gray

Carol LeCates

Gerry Nolan

Ellen Marie Peck

Ned Stern

Joanna Heaton

Carol D'Alessandro

Alexis Shaw

Debra Tedesco

Maggie O'Connor

Tricia MacEvoy