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One week, a single ask, $60,000 to raise. Fund all 2022-23 EFS grant requests to enrich the experience for our students. Let's do this Essex Fells, Growing, Showing and Spreading Our Wings!

More Details

As we kick off the 2022-2023 academic year “Growing, Showing and Spreading Our Wings,” the Essex Fells Foundation for Educational Excellence (EFFEE) pledges our unwavering commitment to support our school as a safe, welcoming and inclusive place to learn. In the words of our founding board member, George Stanton, “the school is our town” and we couldn’t agree more!


Creating Possible


The mission of the EFFEE, “The Foundation”, is to maintain and enhance the high quality of an Essex Fells, New Jersey public school education and ensure that all students receive the best education possible by encouraging creativity and innovation. We achieve this through generous community donations, a close working relationship with the school district, and careful evaluation and financial oversight of proposed initiatives.


If every EFS family donated $300, we would be well on our way to that goal. For perspective, last year on average, families donated $450 in support of The Foundation. Families willing and able to donate $1,000 will be invited to attend an intimate spring cocktail party hosted by EFFEE to thank you for your generous support.


This year, with your support, we plan to fund the following initiatives: School Clubs, including Broadcasting, Book and Art Clubs

The Variety Show

The School Musical

Character Education Assemblies

Study Hall

After School Enrichment

No donation is too big or too small. We will put every dollar towards EFS!

Please consider donating to the BIG GIVE 2022


Corporate matching gifts are a great way to maximize your donation. Make a note on your donation and we will follow up with you, or contact for more information.

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