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After school enrichment provides an extra hour where our children can learn and create in a positive
environment. It’s important to manage any situations where that positive learning environment is
jeopardized for the other children in a timely manner. Poor behavior incidents during after school
enrichment have occurred rarely however, this policy details out the appropriate steps to be followed in
case an incident arises. We believe each situation is unique and should be dealt with as such. Please
note this policy refers more to situations involving an outside enrichment vendor vice an EFS Teacher.

Any behavior incidents should be managed through the EFS Proctor, Enrichment Chair, EFFEE President
and parents.

1. Instructors should report any moderately disruptive or disrespectful behavior to the EFS Proctor
(on site moderator) that day. In turn, the instructor should report it to their supervisor on the
evening of the day that any incident occurs.  Report should include a brief paragraph describing
the incident. This report is then shared with the EFFEE Enrichment Chair. The EFFEE Enrichment
Chair will assess the situation, speak with the EFS Proctor and notify the parents accordingly.
2. In the case of more serious offense, the instructor will speak to the EFS Proctor either during or
immediately after the class to describe the incident and request that the parents be notified
immediately.  If it is possible to speak to the parent at dismissal, the instructor and EFS Proctor
will work together and use their judgement as to whether to do that. We ask that instructors do
not speak to or communicate with a parent directly on their own, or without speaking to the
EFFEE Enrichment Chair and EFS Proctor first.
3. If it becomes apparent that a child can’t or won’t control their behavior or speech, if another
child is ever intentionally struck, physically hurt or bullied to any degree, or if they have been
given two chances to correct moderately disruptive behavior but it still continues, the child will
be removed from the group for the remainder of the term.


ATTN: EFFEE Enrichment Behavior Notice

Date: _______________________________
This note is being sent home to inform you of your child’s behavior in After School Enrichment. Please
write any questions or concerns below and return to school tomorrow.
To the parent(s) of: ______________________________________
__________ does not follow instructions
__________ talks back/has an attitude towards adults
__________ does not keep hands, feet or objects to oneself
__________ does not follow instructions
__________ does not respect other’s property
__________ is disrespectful to the teacher
__________ is disrespectful to other students
__________ acted inappropriately
__________ is disturbing others
Here’s what happened: _________________________________________________________________

Sincerely, _____________________________________________________________________

Parent Signature: _______________________________________________________________
Parent Comments: _____________________________________________________________________

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